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Go beyond the time threshold. Our world is a special place where creativity flourishes and elegance and beauty reign, all in a precious and luxurious packaging. Designed and strongly desired by Gianni Attimonelli, TIPE E TACCHI was born in 2013. Creativity, ability to foreshadow fashions and trends, high quality products are the mission of our company, an example of an innovative Italian know-how that, combined with an international culture , gives life to a unique experience.

The woman who chooses Tipe and Tacchi is eclectic. It moves with grace and agility between different moments and rhythms of life. It does not undergo changes, it accepts them consciously, remaining focused on its unique and free nature, just like the models of Tipe and Tacchi footwear: unique in the expression of taste, free from uniform trends.

Tipe and Tacchi wears the woman who does not intend to renounce any of her priorities.

Comfort and dynamism are guaranteed by the quality of the materials and the care of the workmanship, charm and elegance expressed by the innovative and inspired design. The eye always attentive to details and the sensitivity for beauty make it into an indissoluble pact with grace, which allows it to dare between combinations of colors and materials, without ever betraying elegance and originality.

The footwear Tipe and Tacchi accompany this volitional and independent woman among the adventures of her daily routine, between work, social life and moments of relaxation, always keeping pace with her.